You can test your soil for clubroot

PSI lab at work small

In 2011, clubroot was found at low, non-symptomatic levels in a commercial canola field in Manitoba. Concerned with the potential yield and profit losses to growers, Manitoba Canola Growers Association in 2014, committed to establishing early detection clubroot testing capacity in Manitoba. In 2015, the Pest Surveillance Initiative (PSI) — a specialized ‘molecular detection’ laboratory — was established.

The lab processes and analyzes soil samples for presence of clubroot at very low levels, prior to noticeable plant symptoms, by qPCR, which has been proven reliable for detecting very low levels of clubroot. PhD level biotechnologists conduct the analysis. Field staff collect soil samples for future grid mapping of clubroot across Manitoba.

Clubroot grid sampling project

With funding from Growing Forward 2, through the Growing Actions program, the Pest Surveillance Initiative (PSI) is mapping the current incidence of clubroot within Manitoba on a township-range basis. A project of the Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA), PSI provides Manitoba growers with the ability to test soil for low levels of clubroot DNA. PSI is collecting samples from all township-ranges in Manitoba to establish broad-spectrum information and maps on incidence of clubroot. 

While individual results are kept confidential, township-range level information will be used to generate a map showing the Rural Municipalities (RM) where clubroot has been detected. If you are interested in seeing if your canola fields qualify for free testing under the grid sampling program, please contact PSI at
Clubroot testing online portal launched

PSI has launched an online portal for growers to submit soil samples for clubroot testing. Sample procedures must follow the Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (MAFRD) protocol found here. The clubroot qPCR test costs $125 per sample. Testing costs are eligible for rebates as part of on farm biosecurity programming. Click here for more information on rebates for clubroot testing.
Online Crop Biosecurity Calculator: The Crop Biosecurity Calculator reflects content found in the Producer Guide to the National Voluntary Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard for the Grains and Oilseeds Industry. It is a series of 21 questions in 6 categories that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. After completing all the questions, you will receive information about the level of biosecurity risks on your farm as well as information on how to address any risks. Completing the online crop biosecurity calculator and the self-assessment can meet the requirements for Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (MAFRD) rebates on testing related to crop biosecurity — including testing by PSI for low levels of clubroot. Complete the calculator.