QUIZ – This Week in Agronomy

Our agronomy quiz has questions on hail damage and canola recovery, grasshoppers thresholds and cabbage seedpod weevil spray timing.


It was a busy week for hail. Which canola crop stage is the “safest” in terms of yield loss from hail?


Early instar grasshopper nymphs do not move great distances, but they still need to eat. Spraying them early while they’re confined to field edges can be a good management strategy. What is the new suggested in-crop spray threshold for grasshopper nymphs per square metre?

3. Cabbage seedpod weevils are hanging around canola fields in southern Alberta. The economic threshold is 25-40 per 10 sweeps. If numbers exceed thresholds, what is the recommended spray timing for cabbage seedpod weevil?

Cabbage seedpod weevil
Cabbage seedpod weevil on canola. Photo credit: Shelley Barkley