QUIZ – Agronomy from Canola Digest

Canola Digest magazine, which you can read online at canoladigest.ca if you don’t already subscribe, has a lot of information on agronomy. The following three questions are based on content from the January edition.

1. In the article Canola agronomy for the Brown soil zonewhat soil sampling depth does Jeff Schoenau recommend for the Brown soil zone?
2. The Canola Research Hub article examined one potential weakness with liming to increase soil pH and therefore reduce clubroot severity. What specific weakness did the article describe?
3. This past fall, the Canadian Grain Commission separated 49 canola samples into seed and dockage. Average seed moisture for the 49 samples was 7.46 per cent, which is perfect for safe long-term storage of canola. What was the average moisture for dockage?