QUIZ – Fall testing

Agronomy continues! Four questions to inspire fall testing for soil nutrients, disease, plant counts and canola quality.

1. What is the best time to soil sample this fall if using the results to plan next year's application rates?
2. Did you see a lot of verticillium stripe in canola this year? While we dont have known verticillium stripe resistance, which canola trait could possibly reduce the verticillium stripe risk?
cross section of stem with verticillium stripe infection
Verticillium stripe
3. With fall stubble counts, growers may learn more about the relationship between yield, plant count and specific cultivars. One possible factor in higher than expected yields for some canola growers this year was very good stand establishment. What is the typical drop in canola plant stand from spring to fall?
4. The Canadian Grain Commissions Harvest Sample Programis accepting samples from farmers until November 30. Growers who submit samples (from good fields or challenging fields) get an unofficial grade, dockage assessment, oil content and green counts. The survey also provides Canada with a good indicator of overall canola quality. What was the average canola oil content in 2022, based on Harvest Sample Program results?