QUIZ – Canola Digest agronomy

Canola Digest is the magazine for Canadian canola growers. If you don’t already get the magazine, subscribe here. The September 2023 issue of Canola Digest magazine has articles of interest to anyone trying to advance canola agronomy and productivity. These three questions may inspire you to read more.

1. In the article, “Make your combine the ideal residue manager,” Manitoba farmer Adam Gurr described the spreader performance on his new combine. “I don’t feel like we need to __________ any more,” he says. (Fill in the blank.) 

Combine spreading residue
2. In the article Upgrade old drills with VR and section control,Matthew Yanick, owner of MY Precision Ag, says converting old drills to handle variable rate application will cost how much (as long as the tractor is already equipped with an ISO monitor)? 

Promo for article about upgrading old drills
3. The article “Morphing canola” leads with an update on short stature corn, then discusses canola plant architecture changes that could improve performance under various weather stresses. The breeding challenge relates to the number of genes involved. Sheng Chen at the University of Western Australia has identified ___ candidate genes related to heat tolerance. (Fill in the blank.) 

Corn is getting shorter. How can canola also adjust?
Corn is getting shorter. Can corn inspire canola to also adjust?