QUIZ – Fertilizer

1. Dry soil conditions reduce the risk of canola seedling damage from seed-placed fertilizer. True or False?
2. Direct seeding with a disc or knife is a good way to retain moisture, but the low seed-bed utilization (SBU) can concentrate seed-placed nitrogen. What does the table “Guidelines for seed-placed nitrogen with canola” in the Canola Watch article Right rates for seed-placed fertilizer say is the maximum nitrogen rate in the seed row for a seeding tool with 8% SBU in medium soils in Alberta and Saskatchewan?
3. Canola benefits from a balanced fertilizer package. The Canola Watch Fundamentals article How much fertilizer does canola need? has this line: Canola needs 0.5 to 0.8 pounds of _______ per bushel of yield, making canola a high _______-using crop. (Fill in the bank.)


Agronomists and growers have a few online calculators to help with fertilizer rates:
Manitoba fertilizer efficiency calculator (Try the new online version) 
Koch calculators
SDSU seed-placed fertilizer aid