QUIZ – Pre-harvest timing

1. A scenario: Canola is at 30 per cent seed colour change on the main stem. If the yield potential is 40 bu./ac., what is the economic advantage, at todays prices, to waiting a week or so and cutting when canola is at 60 per cent seed colour change?
2. Late season applications of insecticide and fungicide may not provide enough time between spraying and crop cutting. The spray-to-swath calculator shows the pre-harvest intervals for specific products. What is the pre-harvest interval for fungicides Miravis Bold and Azoshy 250 SC? 
3. A Canola Watch articles describes a few scenarios around frost risk and crop staging. What does the article say about crop at 5% seed colour change with heavy frost in the forecast – swath now or leave it standing?
4. The new shatter rating system for canola cultivars will indicate how long farmers can leave a cultivar standing before it should be harvested. Is a cultivar with a “4” rating ideal for straight combining? 
5. Pre-harvest glyphosate may only be applied to canola when grain moisture content is less than 30% in the least mature part of the field. To estimate the proper timing, apply glyphosate at or after what canola stage?  


Five questions on swath timing, frost risk, pre-harvest intervals, pre-harvest glyphosate and pod shatter.