QUIZ – Broadcast seeding

Best results for rapid and uniform canola emergence tend to come when seed is placed 1/2” to 1” deep into warm, moist soil and packed lightly. However, broadcast seeding can work in a pinch when the calendar ticks toward June and fields are still too moist for a farm’s regular seeding tool. This quiz has three questions on broadcasting seeding tips.

1. What does Steve Barron, agronomist with Double Diamond Farm Supply in south-central Manitoba, say when asked whether broadcast urea applied with broadcast canola seed should include an enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF) additive?
2. While new floaters have two or three tanks – meaning that canola seed does not necessarily have to be blended with fertilizer – what is the key benefit to a seed-fertilizer blend?
3. A Canola Watch review of yield results for canola fields broadcast in 2010 and 2011 suggested that the best yields came from fields that were ____________. (Fill in the blank.)