QUIZ – Seeding delays

Three questions on seeding into moist soils, appropriate seeding rates and yield for late-seeded canola.

1. Packing pressure appropriate for the soil conditions is one way to increase canola seed survival. Which one of the following is the true statement:
2. A scenario: Canola seed has a thousand seed weight (TKW) of 6 grams. The farmer wants a stand of 6 plants per square foot. At 50 per cent seed survival – which is common – the seeding rate required to hit that target is 6.9 lb./ac. What seeding rate (lb./ac.) is required if the farmer can increase seed survival to 80 per cent?
3. Based on Manitoba crop insurance data from 2010-2019, what is the percent-of-average yield for canola seeded the first week of June?