QUIZ – Weed Management

Four questions on timely weed management, including tank mixes for pre-seed burnoff and tips to improve crop competition…

1. Winter annuals and perennials are growing strong and the bigger they get, the more herbicide you need to control them. They also take up more water and nutrients. Early and effective weed control always pays. AAFC weed scientists Neil Harker and John O’Donovan estimated that the yield effect of one weed emerging a week before the crop is equivalent to that of __ weeds emerging three weeks after the crop. (Fill in the blank.)
2. A tank mix partner is recommended for pre-seed glyphosate applications. This reduces selection pressure for glyphosate-resistant weeds and can improve weed control, especially for cleavers and kochia. With a tank mix, what is recommended for water volume?
3. True or false: Weeds stressed and weakened by frost are more susceptible to herbicide, so take advantage of a frost and spray immediately.
4. A key few steps can make crops more competitive against weeds, which takes some of the pressure off of herbicides. Hugh Beckie and Neil Harker, former AAFC research scientists, call this the “first up wins” approach to integrated weed management. Two of the following four steps will make the crop more competitive. Select the correct two.