QUIZ – Plants and microbes

Plants have evolved in a microbial world. We’re learning more about these relationships and how we might use bacteria and fungi to manage pests and increase environmental stress tolerance. This quiz is based on content from a Canola Watch podcast with two leaders in this field, AAFC researchers Susan Boyetchko and Tim Dumonceaux. LISTEN. You don’t have to listen to the podcast to complete the quiz, but you’ll probably find it all very interesting.

1. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) research scientist Susan Boyetchko has identified a bacterial biopesticide that works to control what canola pest?
2. AAFC research scientist Tim Dumonceaux gives the example of broad beans, which communicate with each other to put up defenses against aphids, for example. How do they communicate?
3. Dumonceaux is working to identify microbial species that plants recruit to help with what?
4. About 150 years ago, Charles Darwin referred to the root of a plant as what?