CANOLA QUIZ – Canola counts

Canola Counts is a new crowd-sourced survey from the Canola Council of Canada (CCC). The survey tool will map canola plant densities and emergence percentages while helping to drive the adoption of regular plant counts as an important step in achieving target yields. This quiz will get you primed to count! See more information at the end of the quiz.

WIN A RING! The first 150 people to complete this week’s quiz and enter their shipping details (at the end) will receive a new two-square-feet plant count ring courtesy of Alberta Canola, SaskCanola and the Manitoba Canola Growers.


1. AAFC weed surveys also include crop plant counts. In the last AAFC weed survey, which was in Alberta in 2017, what percent of surveyed canola fields had fewer than five canola plants per square foot, on average?
2. You have two options for plant counts – a metre stick or a hoop. Which is more likely to give a better random sample?
3. How many places should you count in each field to get an average plant density for that field?
4. When counting, don't include volunteer canola plants. Which of the following tips can you use to identify canola volunteers?
5. To be entered into the draw to win a counting hoop, please fill in the following...

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