Seed tip: Compare variety performance over multiple years

You can get a good sense of the consistency of a cultivar by looking at performance over various locations and years. The Canola Performance Trials website includes many years of data, so you can check height, lodging, maturity or yield averages over the past three to five (or even more) years. To customize your search, you can also filter CPT results by province, season zone and herbicide-tolerance system. You can even do head-to-head comparisons between your two or three top variety considerations for a field.  

To see comparison tables with clubroot-resistant varieties and for straight-cut harvesting, please see the final 2019 CPT report and feel free to share with colleagues.

Field scale days to maturity data 2017-19. Click to enlarge.
Field scale lodging data (1 is standing up, 5 is flat) 2017-19. Click to enlarge.
Field scale yield data 2017-19. Click to enlarge.
Small plot yield data for 2017-19. Click to enlarge.

The CPT program acknowledges the funding from Alberta Canola Producers Commission (Alberta Canola), Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission (SaskCanola) and the Manitoba Canola Growers Association, with contributions from the B.C. Grain Producers Association. Site data from the 2020 trials hasn’t come in yet, but will be shared on the CPT website as soon as they are available and have been reviewed and approved by the CPT Technical Committee. 

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