Farm safety: Extracting equipment safely

How do you safely pull out a heavy farm implement that is stuck in the mud? Here are a few good tips:

  • Tow ropes and tow straps are intended for towing, not extracting. Recovery straps, typically made of nylon, can be utilized for extraction and, unlike chains and cables, can be jerked for extraction.
  • A shackle / screw clevis is the best option for attaching. (See photo below.)
  • Ensure that any chains, straps or cables used are in good repair and rated for the strength required for the pull. For chains, this will likely require a grade 100 or higher for most farm implement pulls. For recovery straps, the wider the strap and / or the more plies, the more strength it has. (In our Canola Watch discussions, we would rather people avoid chains and certainly avoid pinned clevises.)
  • Never jerk to pull with chains or cables. Add tension slowly.

These are from Purdue University’s very comprehensive “Extracting stuck equipment safely: How to avoid expensive and painful incidents”.

Shackle clevis — with secure threaded screw-pin