Have a safe harvest

Bad weather, broken parts, stuck combines and everything else going on this harvest adds to the stress and time pressure. But please keep a priority on safety. Get enough sleep. Eat well.

Here are a few simple precautions can help.

  • Buy a fire extinguisher if you don’t already have one, for your swather or combine and put it in an easy to reach location. Fires can occur, even when everything seems wet, so be prepared.
  • Check safety features, such as guards and rails.
  • In addition to carrying your cell phone (if possible) when you head out to the field or bins, let someone else know where you are going and estimate when you will be back (even if you have to estimate within an hour or two).
  • Always be aware that moving parts and big machinery can cause harm when focus lapses or fatigue sets in. So remind yourself to not become complacent as you get into routines.
  • Check out this grain safety video to learn about bin safety.

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association has “toolbox talks” with safety tips for a wide range of farm activities, including moving maching and making left hand turns.