Canola Watch quiz – On-farm tips to deliver clean canola

The Keep It Clean program , a joint effort of the Canola Council of Canada, Pulse Canada and Cereals Canada, has tips to make sure our exported grains meet customer standards. This quiz will point to a few on-farm practices that can influence harvest quality and crop marketability.

1. To reduce the risk of unacceptable glyphosate residue levels in seed, pre-harvest applications have to be made after seeds in the least-mature areas of a crop have less than 30% moisture.

2. Glyphosate is not registered as a pre-harvest desiccant.
3. To avoid unacceptable residues, rate of application is the only factor to consider when applying crop protection products.
4. Growing de-registered varieties is a market risk.
5. Blackleg impacts yield and profitability of canola, but has no impact on market access.
6. Malathion can be used to treat bins intended for canola storage.