WEEDit at Crops-A-Palooza next week in Carberry

CROPS-A-PALOOZA in Carberry, Manitoba on July 24 will have 18 interactive stations covering 9 different field crops. One will feature the optical weed seer and sprayer, WEEDit.

WEEDit will be on display at CROPS-A-PALOOZA

The event is free but please REGISTER ahead of time.

Here is a list of stations:   
·         A Change in the Forecast
·         Cover Crops 101
·         What’s new in Weed Technology
·         Managing Insect Pests
·         Value of Seed Treatments
·         How Deep are Your Roots?
·         Crack Open the Pod of MPSG Research and Resources
·         Maximizing Winter Wheat Yields with Proper Nutrition
·         What You Need to Know About Managing Your High Yielding Spring Wheat
·         Take a Stand with Canola Plant Populations
·         Show me the Money: Oilseed sunflower marketing options
·         Pushing Nitrogen Rates in Oats
·         Hempstablishment
·         Space It Till You Make It
·         Every Day is Fry Day – From Potato to French Fry
·         Real Ag Live
·         Ag in the Classroom: Scavenger Hunt
·         Keep it Clean!