Canola Watch quiz – Weed management

Test your weed management knowledge with these eight questions.

1. In 2013, AAFC data analyst Elwin Smith evaluated recent field studies to see which inputs were the most important for canola net returns. Of the following four inputs, which did Smith conclude was essential to provide a positive net return from a canola crop?
2. Applying pre-seed herbicide two weeks before seeding is a waste of time and money.
3. Early weed control with lower efficacy is generally preferable to no control at all or late control with higher efficacy. However, biological activity – or “active growth” – is required for herbicide activity. How do you know a weed is actively growing?
4. Weeds stressed by frost are more susceptible to herbicide.
5. Glyphosate should be tank mixed with an appropriate tank mix partner when targeting kochia in the pre-seed window.
6. What is this weed? (Click to enlarge)

7. Which of the following is not an integrated weed management method?
8. Is this weed an annual or perennial? (Click to enlarge)