Southern Alberta clubroot meeting at Indus, January 7

Plasmodiophra brassica, the pathogen that causes clubroot, is in southern Alberta. In 2018, Rocky View County confirmed four clubroot-infested fields south east of Calgary. The disease has also been found across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. No brassica-growing region is immune.

Farmers and agronomists in areas that are new to clubroot can do a lot to get ahead of the disease and reduce the long-term impact.

Want to learn more? The Canola Council of Canada, Alberta Canola, and Rocky View County are hosting a Southern Alberta Clubroot Response Workshop on Monday, January 7 at the Indus Hall. This workshop will be a great opportunity to learn about clubroot from world-class researchers, talk about managing the disease with other stakeholders, and start to build plans for preventing/managing it on your farms.

More information and free registration.