Canola Watch quiz – Keep It Clean

The Canola Council of Canada, Cereals Canada and Pulse Canada work together through Keep it Clean! to provide Canadian growers with the information they need to ensure their crops are market ready. is the hub for information on products of concern for canola, cereals and pulse crops along with product application, disease management and storage considerations. Because growers continue to follow the Keep it Clean! steps, Canadian agriculture continues to keep the confidence of our export partners.

This quiz includes eight true or false questions to help you identify Keep It Clean! opportunities and requirements.

1. One part per million is the smallest measurement of residue levels that export customers can detect.
2. If a country has no maximum residue limit (MRL) in place for a product, that means there is no limit.
3. Blackleg impacts yield and profitability of canola but has no impact on market access.
4. All importing countries follow a uniform standard for maximum residue limits (MRLs).
5. It's OK to use a product off label – as long as it works.
6. The pre-harvest interval is the time between product application and when the crop goes in the bin for storage.
7. The Declaration of Eligibility is a legally binding document.
8. Malathion can be used to treat bins intended for canola storage.


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