Canola Watch quiz – Scouting after emergence

Here are three quiz questions and two survey questions on the theme of scouting in the weeks right after seeding. For more on this topic, read this article.

1. Based on Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada surveys, what percentage of aster leafhoppers are carrying aster yellows so far in 2018?
2. A farmer seeded canola at 5 lb./ac. The thousand-seed weight was 5 grams. The farmer was out scouting this week and took a few plant stand counts. The average was 6 plants per square foot. What percentage of the seed survived? (Hint: Use the plant survival option at
3. Some farmers have observed this yellow “halo effect” around the outside rim of cotyledon leaves. What is the most likely cause?

4. Survey question: Have you ever reseeded canola? (Or, for agronomists, have you recommended that a farmer reseed canola?)
5. Survey question: If you have reseeded canola, was it the right decision? (If you’ve reseeded many times, what was the most common result.) Please answer "yes" or "no" and briefly explain why in the box. (Thank you.)