Farm safety: Fires in dry fields

These fire management tips come from AgSafe Alberta.

–Call 911 as soon as possible, and use the fire extinguishers if safe to do so. Know the legal land location (Township Road and Range Road) to provide directions to the fire department.

–Try to fight from the side of the fire that has already burned; fighting the fire from areas with
combustibles (chaff and straw) is much riskier.

–A fire can double in size in less than a minute. Burning embers that blow downwind can spread a fire
well beyond the control of your fire extinguishers in just seconds.

–Two ABC-type fire extinguishers are recommended: a smaller 10-pound unit in the cab and a larger
20-pound extinguisher at ground level on the combine. Invert and shake the extinguishers once or twice a season to ensure machine vibrations don’t compact the powder inside.

–Carrying a shovel to throw dirt is also good practice.

–Create an emergency plan. Having a plan in place to respond to emergencies, prepares everyone involved to react in an appropriate, safe manner. Neighbors may want to discuss a plan for emergency tillage of a fire break should that option become advisable.

–Personal safety is more important than property loss.

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Fire prevention on the farm From The Co-operators insurance company