Insect traps in sentinel fields

Each Canola Council of Canada agronomy specialists will have at least one sentinel canola field each to watch closely through 2018. They’ll also post their insect monitoring traps at these fields.

Nicole Philp has her diamondback moth trap set up at her sentinel field near Regina. She will report her moth counts to Saskatchewan Agriculture.

Field moisture is OK at seeding depth, but there isn’t much extra. Pre-seed herbicide will likely go on soon, and canola seeding on the farm will start May 10 or so.

Diamondback moth adult trap set up at Nicole Philp’s sentinel field.

Help with insect monitoring. All traps are currently allocated for diamondback moth in Saskatchewan for this year, but a few traps are available for berth armyworm surveillance. If you would like to be put up a trap, please contact Carter Peru at or 306-787-4670.

For information on the Alberta Insect Pest Monitoring Network, email or visit the website.

For information on the diamondback moth monitoring program in Manitoba, please contact John Gavloski at or 204-750-0594.

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