2019 CPT webinar quiz

How well did you listen through the 2019 CPT webinar? Take this quiz to find out and help ensure success with your 2019 CPT plots!

1. Who is the 2019 CPT coordinator?

2. What are three reasons that you might contact the CPT coordinator?

3. How many HT systems are in the trial and are they blocked?

4. How can spray drift prevented or avoided and checked for?

5. How can sprayer tank contamination be prevented or avoided?

6. If harvest is being considered for the plots, should the variety with the slowest, fastest or average maturity be used to base harvest timing on?

7. What is the difference between the Standard and Straight Cut protocols?

8. Can you name at least 3 items of information that will need to be collected on these trials?

9. Where are the final annual CPT datasets found?

10. What is the main goal of the CPTs?

11. Who funds the CPTs?