Ultimate Canola Challenge 2018: Seeding speed trial

Ultimate Canola Challenge 2018 is for growers interested in learning how to better target their seeding speeds to improve profitability and risk management in their canola crops.

Trials will include the grower’s base seeding speed and strips at 1 mph slower and 1 mph faster than the base.

Each strip will have plant counts done 10 and 21 days after seeding and have counts related back to seeding rate (seeds per square foot) to see how seeding speed influenced seed survival, days to emergence and uniformity of emergence. Differences in plant stand and uniformity will be monitored all season to see how seeding speed influences crop performance, management decisions and harvest timing.

For complete protocols for 2018, go to the UCC website at ultimatecanolachallenge.ca.

To participate in UCC 2018, please contact Nicole Philp at philpn@canolacouncil.org or 306-551-4597.