Shorts on canola silage, hail and more

Silaging canola. With prolonged dry conditions and recent hot weather, yield potential has dropped to very low levels in some fields. Read the detailed Canola Watch Fundamentals article on canola for livestock feed.

Hail. The later it hails, the greater the chance for permanent yield loss. However, canola plants can fully recover from moderate hail at flowering by flowering longer. Moisture that comes with hail often helps with the recovery. Read more.

What is 10, 20, 50% flower? Identifying the flowering stage can help with cabbage seedpod weevil and sclerotinia stem rot spray timing. Read more.

Late herbicide. Early weed control has a huge positive effect on profitability, but late control is better than nothing. Applications late in the window can stop the yield loss, stop weeds from contributing substantially to the weed seed bank, and improve crop harvestability. Read more.