Quiz: Guides to crop protection

These five questions are based on content from the handy crop protection guides from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Manitoba and Saskatchewan guides are the same with different covers. Alberta has its own, often called the “Blue Book”. Here are links to online posting for all three.

Manitoba Guide to Field Crop Protection 2017
Saskatchewan Guide to Crop Protection 2017
Alberta Crop Protection 2017


Crop protection guides from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba provide excellent detailed information throughout. They are recommended reading for anyone making crop protection decisions and applying pesticides. This week's quiz explores some of the content.

1. The guides have details on sprayer clean-out methods and which type of product requires each method. If the recommendation is to use “Method B”, what is the recommended sequence of rinses?
2. Guides for all three provinces have details on protective clothing. Three of the following glove types are NOT recommended. One is recommended. Which is the recommended type?
3. Table 6 on page 42 of the Saskatchewan/Manitoba guide is a decision-making graphic for canola fields with green foxtail. According to the table, which is based on AAFC research, what is the estimated canola yield loss in areas where green foxtail is at 100 plants per square metre?
4. The Alberta guide has "How it works" and "Expected results" headings for each individual product listing. The Saskatchewan/Manitoba guide has a handy "How herbicides work" table at the beginning of the herbicides section, which includes typical symptoms. Taken from the table, these symptoms describe the results from application of which herbicide group: “Wilted, bleached leaves in 3 to 5 days, death in 1 to 2 weeks"?
5. The guides have tables showing which herbicides control which weeds in specific crops. Tables for canola are on page 60 of the Saskatchewan/Manitoba guide and pages 339-346 of the Alberta guide. If a field has a lot of night-flowering catchfly, only one herbicide-tolerant system will provide in-crop control options. Which is it?