Canola Watch quiz: Cutworms

Test your cutworm knowledge. Answers to these five questions are found in the new guide, “Cutworm Pests of Crops on the Canadian Prairies” from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Find a link to the guide here:

1. The guide lists three prominent species that attack crops on the Canadian Prairies. They are redbacked, pale western and this one.
2. The ___________ cutworm is generally associated with drier regions and tends to be more dominant in the southern portions of Alberta and Saskatchewan.
3. Cutworms typically have one of three primary eating habits: Subterranean (below ground), above-ground (usually feeding close to the soil surface) and climbing (feed on foliage higher in the canopy without necessarily damaging the main stem). Subterranean species are not always effectively controlled with a foliar insecticide, though they can ingest insecticide that is on plants pulled underground. A systemic seed treatment is one way to protect the plant from these species. Which is the most common "subterranean"-classed cutworm in Western Canada?
4. What is the economic threshold for insecticide application on pale western and redbacked cutworms in canola?
5. What species of cutworm is this?