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The latest three podcasts are on canoLAB topics.

Phosphorus. Agrium’s Ray Dowbenko and Canola Council of Canada agronomy specialists Warren Ward and Dan Orchard talk about the phosphorus-deficiency message at canoLAB and about the surprising soil they demonstrated. LISTEN
Inversions. Andrew Thostenson, pesticide program specialist with North Dakota State University extension service, spoke on air temperature inversions at canoLAB 2017. Air temperature inversions result when dense cool, air settles close the ground. Inversions can be a problem for spray drift when winds are low and skies are clear. LISTEN
Target plant stands and seeding rates. Host Jay Whetter talks with Canola Council of Canada agronomy specialists Dan Orchard and Nicole Philp and Alberta Agriculture oilseed specialist Murray Hartman about target plant stands, seeding rates and new tools at LISTEN