New calculator matches seeding rate to risk factors

The new Canola Calculator has two tools to help growers set seeding rates and plant stands that match seed size, risk factors and estimated seed survival.

Target density calculator. Users position sliding scales to determine the level of risk for various factors that influence plant stand targets. If weed competition is very low, for example, the calculator will set a lower target stand. But if spring frost risk is high, the calculator sets a higher target stand to compensate. Direct link.

Seeding rate calculator. This tool has three modes. In seeding rate mode, users input thousand seed weight, target plant density and estimated seed survival, and the calculator computes the required seeding rate. In plant survival mode, users enter the number of plants per square foot that emerged along with known seed weight and seeding rate, and the calculator gives the seed survival rate. In plant density mode, the calculator takes thousand seed weight, seeding rate and estimated seed survival to give the number of plants that should emerge. Direct link.

Studies show that survival can vary widely and that 50 to 70% is fairly typical, so the default seed survival is 60%. If yours is different, change the value given in the calculator.

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