Work safely through harvest

Safe Farms has a factsheet of safety tips to keep in mind at harvest. Here is a sample:

—Before moving machinery, all operators should be trained to perform a walk-around check to ensure no one is near the equipment and warn anyone in the immediate area that the machinery will be moving.
—Keep bystanders away from high traffic areas in the farmyard.
—Stay alert and take breaks when working long hours. Getting out of the cab, taking meal breaks and rotating jobs every few hours will help stretch muscles and keep you alert.
—Slips and trips can result in serious injury. Reduce the risk by always using three-point contact when climbing up or down ladders.
—Before unclogging a plugged feeder on a combine, ensure the engine is turned off.
—Never trust hydraulic systems when working under a machine. Always use a safety prop if working under a header or other heavy machinery.
—Electrical contact with overhead power lines can be fatal. Before moving any piece of equipment on roads or fields, be aware of power lines and ensure everyone on the farm knows the locations.
—When working alone, let someone know where you are working and have scheduled check-in times. Always carry a means of communication, such as a cell phone or two-way radio.

This is just a sample of safety tips from