Insects in stored canola

Canola rarely has an issue with storage insects. Primary stored product insects such as rusty grain beetle, red flour beetle and saw-toothed grain beetle can occasionally be found in stored canola if cereal grain or weed seeds are mixed in with the canola. Canola that goes into a clean bin will not usually encounter a problem with stored grain insects.

Remove all leftover grains that may harbour storage insects. A broom and shop vac should do the job.

Adult insects present on the crop at harvest can end up in the bin. These often include grasshoppers and, where present, cabbage seedpod weevils. These insects are not threats to seed in storage.

When thoroughly cleaning bins for canola, keep in mind these quality and trade requirements for stored canola:

1. Never use malathion to prepare canola for storage or to treat bins used to store canola. Its residue can linger for up to six months.

2. Remove all treated seed (which contains pesticides) and animal protein like blood meal and bone meal from bins that will store canola.

3. Keep canola cool and dry to avoid spoilage and insect issues.