Controlling cleavers? Read this advisory on quinclorac

The member companies of the Western Grains Elevator Association and the Canadian Oilseed Processors Association have individually advised that they will not accept delivery of canola grown and harvested in 2016 that has been treated with quinclorac, a pesticide used to control cleavers. Growers are encouraged to speak with their local elevator or processor for additional details.

Quinclorac is not currently a recommended control option in canola because of ongoing concerns about residue limits in one of our largest export markets. Until exporters and processors are confident that they can ship quinclorac-treated canola to China without trade concerns, growers are advised to avoid this marketing risk by using other cleavers control methods.

A well-managed, systemic approach is the best strategy for bringing cleavers under control. For more information about controlling cleavers, contact your local Canola Council agronomist, or read:

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