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One of the difficulties with timing insecticide applications is, frequently, the need to apply the insecticide quickly follows the decision to spray for a pest.

While we have best management practices to reduce the risk of exposure of pesticides to bees, we still run into the complication that bees will regularly fly large distances to forage in canola crops. This means that bees from hives that an operator can’t see may be present in the field when the application is made.

To help reduce this risk further, CropLife Canada and the Canadian Honey Council have introduced a smartphone-based app to help facilitate communication between beekeepers, farmers, and sprayer operators.

Users download the free app and register as a beekeeper, farmer, or pesticide applicator. The app allows users to indicate planned agricultural activities or to specify bee hive locations. The application enables instant messaging between registered users, while maintaining their privacy, to improve overall communication and allow the exchange of important information. All registered information is only disseminated to relevant users in their area.

The app has a built-in messaging service so that users can co-ordinate or privately share information with other registered users within a five kilometre radius. Users are also able to share broadcast messages that allow them to simultaneously contact all relevant registered users within five kilometres of their activity or hive locations.

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