Talk up SaskCanola’s “License to Farm”

This short film explores the truth behind common misconceptions of agriculture, empowering farmers to advocate for their social license to farm.

Conversations about agriculture and food production have grown exponentially since the birth of social media, making it easy to share misinformation very quickly with a global network. The growing urban population is becoming farther removed from the farm and do not understand what it is that farmers do and why they do it that way — yet they are becoming more vocal and their misunderstandings and food fears are having an impact on governments and regulations. In other words, they are directly impacting a farmers “License to Farm”.
SaskCanola took action and produced this 30-minute documentary to dispel some of the myths about farming and encourage farmers to stand up and talk about what they do and why. It asks that farmers not let their silence take away their license to farm.

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The film will make its debut early January 2016.