Check Canola Performance Trials database to compare varieties

Data for the 2015 Canola Performance Trials (CPT) are still coming in and will be posted on the website once they are available.

In the meantime, viewing the results from previous years can be helpful in making any seed booking choices. Data from these third-party evaluations are available in map, data table and graph format and well as in previous year’s booklets, depending on your preference, and can be expressed in various ways. The interactive map has the ability to refine searches by province, herbicide system, season zone (short, mid or long) and small plot or field scale data. If you are interested in comparing varieties over 2011-2014, this can also be done by using the multi-year display mode option (as exemplified in the graph below). Once you’ve created a graph that is of interest to you, it can be downloaded in a variety of file types. Check it out today. Click here to see the graph below online.

CPT 2011-14 days to maturity