August 6, 2015 – Dreary Day in Medstead

Today was drizzly and dreary but the crop was looking good. The field is coming out of flowering with only a few side branches not completely podded.


General Overview of the Site

Between the treated and untreated strips there are still no visible differences. This week there was no aerial photographs captured due to the rainy weather. Upon scouting the field no pests or diseases were detected besides some thrip and grasshopper damage. Neither of which have economic thresholds. Besides that there is nothing new to report about the field. The next update will be at swathing.

uccsite_treated_medsteadsk_august62015_amandawuchner insectdamage_grasshopper_medsteadsk_august62015_amandawucher uccsite_untreated_medsteadsk_august62015_amandawuchner


Treated Strip                                                    Grasshopper Feeding Damage                                                          Untreated Strip