July 29 Quiz — PHI


Four questions to test your knowledge on pre-harvest intervals.

1. If the PHI of “x” pesticide is 15 days, there will be no residue issues if: (Two of the choices below are correct. Select both of them.)
2. The pre-harvest interval for chlorpyrifos (Lorsban, Pyrinex, Nufos, Citadel) is 60 days for wheat, barley and oats, and 42 days for sunflowers. What is it for canola?

3. The Group 14 product Heat is now available as a straight combining aid to help dry down canola and any weeds present. What is its pre-harvest interval?
4. Many of the fungicides registered for sclerotinia stem rot management in canola have PHIs from 30 to 40 days. For applications at mid-flowering when swathing is likely to be less than 30 days away, products with a shorter PHI may be necessary. What is the shortest PHI you can find for sclerotinia fungicides?