Twitter: How to join the conversation


Twitter is a quick and timely way to share agronomy information and photos, ask questions, and get useful links from a broad community of growers, agronomists and many others involved in agriculture in Canada and the world.

You don’t have to actually “tweet” anything to benefit from Twitter. Sign up for free at Search by “hashtags” such as #canola and #westcdnag to filter the vast quantity of information. Follow @CanolaWatch to see what we’re saying on Twitter. The CCC agronomy specialists are also on Twitter. Click here to find their Twitter handles and other contact information. Provincial canola organizations are also active….

Alberta Canola Producer Commission: @AlbertaCanola
SaskCanola: @ellenSKcanola
Manitoba Canola Growers Association: @CanolaGrowers
Canola Council of Canada @canolacouncil

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