June 4th – Medstead SK UCC Site

The Saskatchewan blog posts will be based on the trial site near Medstead which is located 90km north of North Battleford. The site was seeded with the Dekalb 74-44 variety on May 14th, 2015 at a rate of 5.3lbs/acre. The fertilizer was 130-40-0-30 of actual nutrient as liquid sidebanded with 0.3lbs/acre of boron in liquid form. There was 15lbs/acre of actual seed placed dry phosphate as well.

Following seeding, the lowest temperature reached was -7.1 degrees Celsius on May 18th. The plants had not emerged yet and so remained unharmed. From May 18th -June 4th the area had received 23.6mm of precipitation.



The crop had some flea beetle damage but had not reached the economic threshold of 25% leaf defoliation. A first pass of roundup was applied on June 3rd at a rate of 0.34L/acre.


Medstead UCC site on June 4th, 2015.