June 3 Quiz — Flea beetles

Fleabeetle_underleaf_BrunoSK_May272015_AmandaWuchner small

Four questions to test your flea beetle management skills….

1. In cool temperatures, flea beetles that have already emerged for the season will ____________.
2. In general, canola plants at the _______ stage are big enough to survive any further flea beetle feeding.
3. While an average of 50% leaf area loss is considered the economic threshold where an insecticide spray to control flea beetles will pay off, the "action" threshold is when growers will want to get ready to spray if the risk is present and rising. What is the action threshold?
4. Decis is a common flea beetle insecticide that can also be used on other insects right up to seven days before cutting the crop. What is one important point about Decis that may affect control decisions later in the season?