May 28 Quiz — Insect ID

Many, many insect species are present in canola fields, and only a few of them are pests. Erl Svendsen with AAFC in Saskatoon provided the five insect photos below.

For this week’s quiz, try to determine whether these insects are friend or foe. These are a little more challenging than other insect ID quizzes we’ve had in the past, and even some of these “foes” would rarely warrant a spray because they’re just not that common and rarely at numbers that would justify control.

1. Painted lady (bugwood-Marck Schwarzlander) 1594157 copy
2. Rustcolored blister beetle (bugwood-Whitney Cranshaw) 5023093 copy
3. SwedeMidge-IMG_3015 opened floret with swede midge larva-TWist copy
4. Pteromalus puparum-Koorosh McCormack-EOL-15355026891_9c8c256b7f_o copy
5. Red turnip beetle (Phil Myers) copy