Confused about seeding rates? Take notes, check emergence

Growers uncertain about which canola seeding rate to use should start with 5 lb./ac., then tweak. See the full article on this topic.

The goal is to achieve 7 to 10 plants per square foot. This target means the crop can still lose a few plants during the season and still achieve the minimum 5 plants per square foot required to reach full yield potential.

Detailed notes at seeding and plant counts after emergence are important for future planning. Take notes about seeding rate, seed size for the seed lot on that field, soil conditions, seeding depth, then compare those numbers to the actual stand that emerges. Do you have 7 to 10 plants per square foot? If not, these notes can help you determine why not, and will help with seeding rate decisions next year. Top 10 details to record at seeding time.

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