Your crop nutrition questions, and ours…

Our next Canola Watch, the March edition, will have a crop nutrition theme. We want to provide information to help with your most challenging crop nutrition decisions. Questions can be about product choice, application timing, risk assessment, logistical challenges — anything.

Here are some we get from time to time: How do I make an elemental sulphur program work? How many seeds will die if I apply all my fertilizer and seed down the same shoot? I want to apply all my nitrogen in the fall, so how do I do that most successfully?

We also have some questions for you to help us better understand your logistic and economic challenges: If you are using a short canola rotation, what is your motivation? If you put sulphate and phosphate down with the seed, and not just phosphate as recommended, what is your reason?

Start the conversation. Email your questions and answers to Jay Whetter at, or contact a CCC agronomy specialist.