Four the week

Photo credit: Garth Donald
Photo credit: Garth Donald

Man, snow?! Snow doesn’t do as much damage to standing canola as the frost that comes with it. If frost is light, moisture from the snow might actually provide canola with some protection.

Frost risk. Swathing before 60% seed colour change will reduce yield, but heavy frost will reduce yield, too. If growers have a lot of fields to swath and if heavy frost is forecast, growers may opt to swath the earliest fields ahead of the frost — even if they’re not at 60% seed colour change — as a way to balance risk.

Harvest losses. You’ve taken care of your canola all season long. Set the combine carefully so profit goes in the bin, not on the ground.

While you wait… Cool weather and slow colour change can make for agonizing waits. While champing at the bit, do a disease check, count plants and prep the combine.