July 30 Quiz

1. What is this worm?

Bertha armyworm at a developing stage. Source: Saskatchewan Ministry of AgriculturePhoto credit: Scott Hartley, SMA
2. What is this worm?

Diamondback-moth-larvae-cropped-Hartley_optPhoto credit: Scott Hartley, SMA
3. What is this worm?

Alfalfa looper cropped
4. What is this worm?

CabbagewormWesAnderson_optPhoto credit: Wes Anderson
5. We believe we have an answer to our mystery question from last week. One Canola Watch reader who took the quiz suggested dog vomit fungus, which is not a serious problem at all. It shows up very rarely. We can't identify those who take the quiz, but we would like to thank the bright person who suggested dog vomit virus. If that would be OK with you, please email whetterj@canolacouncil.org.

Here is the mystery photo again. Post a comment below if you have other ideas or observations to add to the conversation.

Mystery question