Four the week

Missing pods

Blasted heat. A long stretch of hot weather at flowering can greatly reduce canola yield potential. Even with a few days of heat, hormone balance and regular pod formation can take a week to return to normal. (See the photo above.)

Hot sclerotinia. Hot and dry conditions can reduce the sclerotinia risk significantly. However hot and humid conditions may not reduce the risk — especially if the ground is still wet and canopy humidity is especially high.

Need trumps convenience. Fungicide and insecticide can be mixed to add some efficiency to spray operations during flowering, but make sure both are really needed. Adding insecticide for convenience when insects are not at thresholds puts beneficials and pollinators are at unnecessary risk.

Few threats. Insects are not a major issue for most growers, although cabbage seedpod weevil spraying is planned for many fields in southern Alberta. Keep looking and be prepared.