Four the week

Some canola fields face intense competition from grassy weeds this year.

Two-hit wonder. Does your canola really need a second in-crop herbicide application? Only certain circumstances — like the one photographed above — make it worthwhile.

Summer heat A new PAMI project will look into summer effects on stored canola, and help set best practices to prevent heating: Aerate to warm it, turn it to warm it, or just leave it cold? Have you checked stored canola lately?

Clubroot conundrum. No current commercial clubroot-resistant canola hybrids have resistance to the different strain found in Alberta. Equipment sanitation and long rotations will be required to prevent the pathogen’s buildup and spread.

Insect Aside. Are striped flea beetles taking over? Maybe, but that shouldn’t change the steps in making the decision to apply an in-crop insecticide.