Protect bees and other pollinators

Source: John Gavloski, MAFRI
Source: John Gavloski, MAFRI

Canola Watch Live! included a discussion on bees and other pollinators. Here are best management practices to reduce damage to these important insects:

—Avoid spraying flowering canola.
—Use economic thresholds when making control decisions. Remember: Threshold covers cost of application. No profit!
—Use the least toxic option registered for the crop.
—Take measures to minimize drift. Wind speed/direction, drift reducing nozzles. Read Tom Wolf’s drift management tips.
—Apply after 8:00 p.m., or into the evening and at night, when bees are less active in the field.
—Communicate with beekeepers in your area, especially before you plan to spray your fields. That will give them a chance to move, or cover hives, or suggest safer products.
Please report any bee kills here.