Cool days + hot canola = bad combo

How air moves in the bin in fall and winter.
How air moves in the bin in fall and winter.

Canola binned hot, even if it has low moisture, low dockage and low green, should still be put on aeration. Target a core temperature of 15°C before stopping the aeration fans, and watch throughout the winter to make sure it doesn’t start to increase.

These fall days when external temperatures move from warm to cool to cold create perhaps the worst situation for safe canola storage. A wide temperature differential between hot grain inside the bin and cool air outside sets up strong convection patterns in the bin. Moisture will be moving and concentrating at the top of the top middle core of the bin. Spoilage can occur within a few weeks.

Canola, even dry canola, gives off moisture for the first 4-6 weeks in storage. This increases moisture available to migrate through the bin.

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